Preserve the History of the Greater Stanwood Area

Stanwood Area Historical Society
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The arts and culture have been devastated during COVID-19 and surveys show one third of small U. S. museums may not survive the year.  Preserving the 1902 Stanwood Public Hall (today’s Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center) is more than protecting a building, it’s sustaining the history of those who created this community.  The buildings and collections of the Historical Society house the memories, habits and traditions of the generations and eras that have brought us to where we are today.  Many of our early pioneers have donated family treasures or tape recorded oral histories and those items are carefully accessioned into our collections and must be maintained for future generations.  As stewards of this complex and the collections it houses, we must protect the integrity of our historic structures so that one day our community can understand what we are going through with this pandemic.

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