Stanwood Community & Senior Center

The Stanwood Community & Senior Center has discontinued all nonessential programs and services and closed its meeting and event facilities to the public to limit exposure for the 86 low income seniors living at the facility. The dining facility has been closed and both meals and mail are being delivered to resident rooms.

Services still being provided include meals and transportation for tenants (no service to the community). Services added include meal delivery to tenant rooms, takeout meals for the weekend, post office mail pickups and deliveries, package deliveries to rooms, groceries and medications pickups. All staff and caregivers are screened before entering the building.

Funding loses have been incurred from the closure of the thrift store, cancellation of fundraising events, room rentals, catering, transportation, meals for the community, memberships, and coffee bar.

Half of the staff has been layed off and volunteers are unable to serve due to regulations for older adult living facilities. Estimated financial shortfall is $12,820 per month in general revenue, plus lost fundraising revenue.