Spay and Neuter Shelter Animals

Camano Animal Shelter Association
$10,645.00 100%
Goal: $6,500.00

All adopted cats and dogs are spayed (female pets) or neutered (male pets) before going to their new home.

Spaying or neutering a pet helps control the pet homelessness crisis which results in millions of healthy dogs and cats going to shelters in hopes of finding a home. There are also medical and behavioral benefits to spaying and neutering animals. Spaying or neutering a cat or dog greatly reduces or eliminates the probability of developing mammary, testicular, and pancreatic cancers, and increases pet lifespans of cats by up to 39% and dogs up to 23%.

Contributions will help defray the veterinary costs and assure that we can continue to offer low-cost adoption fees and, in some cases, free adoptions. Your contribution helps these animals find homes and live longer lives.

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