Serving First Responders During Critical Incidents

Hope Unlimited - Northwest Incident Support
$4,010.00 100%
Goal: $2,200.00

Trauma is a mentally, physically, or emotionally disturbing experience that can forcefully impact a person. Unfortunately, trauma can affect anyone, anytime. We want to provide immediate care and support to families and first responders who experience trauma.

We are asking our community to help equip our emergency support apparatus, Support 99. It serves the Stanwood/Camano communities.

Our goal is to equip the apparatus with new lighting, a generator, popup tents, tables, chairs, coolers, and coffee pots. All of this allows us to provide rehabilitation for first responders at extended scenes, as well as provide shelter and comfort for community members.
In 2020, we responded to 363 calls, several requiring a fully-equipped response vehicle.

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