Preserving a Pioneer's Home

Stanwood Area Historical Society
$2,795.00 93%
Goal: $3,000.00

The D.O. Pearson House, originally built in 1890, needs additional interior painting, carpet cleaning, and wall paper repair in its master bedroom on the first floor, hallways on the first and second floors, and in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. The Stanwood Area Historical Society acquired the historic home in 1975, and has cared for and utilized it as a site for visiting audiences since that time.

Heritage homes are historic buildings that help to celebrate a community's shared past, contribute to a strong regional identity, and provide historical character and insights for visitors.

The preservation of the historic structures in its care is a major goal of the Stanwood Area Historical Society, one which we continue to make possible through projects such as the renovation of the D.O. Pearson House.

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