Give Children the Tools to Walk and Talk

Sherwood Community Services
$1,295.00 26%
Goal: $5,000.00

There are over 40 developmental milestones infants and toddlers should reach within their first 3 years. For those diagnosed with a disability or delay, meeting those milestones can be a difficult and emotional journey. Our team works directly with children and families to provide critical therapies needed to reach these early milestones. The goal of $5,000 would help Sherwood purchase crawlers, gait trainers and walkers to support children with cerebral palsy, down syndrome or other delayed mobility concerns. It would also allow the purchase of iPads with necessary communication apps to support a child's speech, and any other critical therapy needs.

The addition of mobility and communication aides in the first few years, allows children with disabilities or delays to better interact with family and friends, develop play skills and appropriate emotional responses. Each month, over 35 children in the Stanwood-Camano area are receiving services helping them gain the increased confidence and ability to independently fulfill their basic needs and wants.

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