Soap Box Derby Opportunities for Youth

Arrowhead Ranch Foundation
$1,385.00 46%
Goal: $3,000.00

The Arrowhead Ranch Foundation provides scholarships to children who want to compete in the local Stanwood/Camano Soap Box Derby race that can't afford it. Providing a rare opportunity to bring together children and their mentors, businesses and the entire community.

Everything the Ranch does is with the Community in mind.  

78 racers competed in the 2022 Soap Box Derby at Arrowhead Ranch on June 18. The Soap Box Derby offers a rare opportunity to bring together children, businesses and the entire community. Children, aged 7-17, who compete gain experience with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), sportsmanship, and confidence. The racers work one-on-one with a mentor in build clinics leading up to race day.

The Stanwood-Camano Island Soap Box Derby is now the 2nd largest Soap Box Derby in the world!

The Stanwood/Camano Island Soap Box Derby would not be possible without the help of our community, local businesses, and individuals providing physical and financial support.

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