Historic Fire Hall Bay Door Replacement

Camano Schoolhouse Foundation
$660.00 66%
Goal: $1,000.00

The Camano Schoolhouse Foundation needs to replace a deteriorating bay door for the future Stanwood-Camano Fire Hall Museum.  It is an original bay door remaining from the 1950s and is not insulated, nor weather-tight.

In 2018, the Foundation purchased the Camano City Fire Hall next door to the Camano City Schoolhouse and has been renovating it the past three years as funds were raised. It has been painted both inside and outside and is now almost ready to occupy. Recently, the Stanwood Lions Club donated their 1935 Ford fire engine to be a part of the new Fire Hall Museum in one of the four bays. The fire engine will be the centerpiece in the new museum, honoring the history of firefighters from both Stanwood and Camano Island. 

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