Events About Local Beaches and Marine Life

Sound Water Stewards of Island County
$4,070.00 100%
Goal: $3,600.00

The Salish Sea faces intense challenges. Human-caused pollution and over-use have degraded marine ecosystems. Port Susan, Skagit Bay, Stillaguamish River and Saratoga Passage are ecologically sensitive waters.

Interconnections: Local shoreline events will showcase the uniqueness of the habitat, species living there, and why they matter, including: 
•    plankton 
•    grey whales, ghost shrimp 
•    invasive green crabs, native crabs 
•    marine birds, pigeon guillemots
•    forage fish, eelgrass
•    sea stars, sunflower stars
•    clams, mussels

We will teach sustainability actions and give out a hand lens to all participants to take a closer look, plus a Junior Steward booklet for youth. Everyone can play a role in stewardship.

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