New Efficient Light Fixtures for Historic Fire Hall

Camano Schoolhouse Foundation
$1,510.00 60%
Goal: $2,500.00

Replacing the old inefficient light fixtures with new LED energy efficient ones will provide much better lighting for the historic displays and for classes and events held in the Fire Hall. Some of the old florescent light fixtures do not work and the others are very old and not energy efficient.

In December 2018, the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation purchased the Camano Island Fire District #1 Fire Station built in 1946. It was the first one built on Camano Island, when volunteers provided the only fire protection.  The Foundation has been renovating the fire hall to create the Stanwood Camano Fire District Museum in one of the bays to showcase the history of firefighting. The other three bays will display the history of Camano Island.

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