Inclusive Events for LGBTQIA+ & Those Who Love Them

PFLAG Stanwood Camano
$2,510.00 100%
Goal: $2,000.00

PFLAG Stanwood-Camano strives to make everyone in our community feel welcome. We host monthly events such as bowling, roller skating, BBQs, and more that are free to the community and promote inclusivity. 

The suicide rates of LGBTQIA+ youth age 10-24 are 8x (eight times) that of straight peers. Having an accepting adult in their life reduces that suicide rate by 40%, and decreases symptoms of depression by up to 70%. 

These monthly events provide a safe place for everyone to be themselves and feel that acceptance. For only $500/month on average we can make in impact on the mental wellbeing of our LGBTQIA+ youth, adults, and those who love them.

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