Weekend & Summer Food For Kids

Stanwood Camano Food Bank Services
$9,270.00 93%
Goal: $10,000.00

Stanwood-Camano Food Bank Services provides critical food, clothing, and resource assistance to community members in need. SCFBS serves more than 55,000 client touch points annually, through a variety of programs including the Youth Summer and Backpack Meal programs, dual-location Food Banks, and Christmas/ Coats for Kids.

The Summer & Backpack programs distribute nutritious, kid-friendly meal kits to households with children through their school’s admin team. Most of these students receive free or reduced school lunches. However, the burden of rising food prices means many families can barely fill their cupboards outside of school.  Annually, this purchasing budget exceeds $50,000, and we are seeking $10,000 to help offset these costs.

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