Summer Education Series on Salmon in Local Waters

Sound Water Stewards
$4,175.00 76%
Goal: $5,500.00

Salmon live here in waters impacted by our everyday actions. Help launch a summer “Salmon Stewards” program to explore salmon life cycle, importance of clean habitat, and ways to preserve it.

Help us produce fun learning activities that people of all ages can do individually, with family and friends, or at events, stamping their passport for each.

•    Take a field trip to a creek, estuary or hatchery 
•    Create an art project or a coloring page 
•    Use a microscope to see living plankton that are a food source for young salmon
•    Go on a scavenger hunt to find what salmon need to thrive
•    Identify ways to stop pollution
•    Watch salmon underwater up close onscreen 
•    Finish a “You Make A Difference” puzzle

Everyone wins a prize. Help salmon and our community.

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