New Uniforms for the SHS Marching Band

SHS Band Boosters
$3,177.00 32%
Goal: $10,000.00

The SHS Band needs new uniforms. The uniforms are meant to last for 10-12 years with regular cleaning and maintenance; ours are now 15 years old. We have been able to take good care of them over the years, but due to the current uniforms’ age and heavy use, they are requiring more serious repairs more often - sometimes even on the sidelines right before the band plays at halftime.

The band is a form of community outreach for Stanwood High School and a highly visible symbol of the Stanwood-Camano community. Our uniforms play a large part in representing that identity and showing pride in our program. Purchasing new uniforms with a new design will make the band more recognizable in competition and when traveling. 

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