Camano Center


Sustainable Funding Project for Community Center


Camano Center connects, enriches, and supports our community.

Description of Services

The Camano Center provides a broad range of education, recreation, and wellness activities to enrich the lives of the island’s 17,000 residents. Last year the Camano Center served over 7,500 low cost hot lunches and volunteers delivered over 4000 Meals on Wheels for the homebound. Volunteers at the Center provided almost 500 medical rides from Burlington to Seattle for those unable to drive.  Dozens of at risk seniors are matched with a disaster buddy through our Disaster Registry Program.  We also offer an Adult Day Program, Essential Shopping Trips (door to door shopping assistance), daily well check phone calls, and the list goes on.  For the community, Camano Center hosts a variety of classes, trips, special monthly speakers, support groups and special interest groups like culinary or handcrafters. The Camano Center connects, enriches, and supports Camano Island and also our surrounding community.

Camano Center
606 Arrowhead Road
Camano Island, WA 98282

(360) 387-0222