Design Stanwood


Information Kiosks for Stanwood’s New Riverfront Parks


The mission of Design Stanwood is to encourage a vital downtown core by advocating for the community, providing long range vision, and partnering with groups and agencies to bring about change in a manner that honors Stanwood’s past and builds a cohesive, attractive community for the future.

Description of Services

Since 2003, Design Stanwood has been instrumental in the development of a strategic vision for Stanwood.  In true partnership, community volunteers, City and State agencies, architects, and other experts, established a list of priorities that included the procurement of additional park property in Stanwood, providing the public with access to the river, and making the city friendlier to pedestrians.  Now Design Stanwood begins a new chapter by evolving into a “Friends of Stanwood Parks and Trails” group.   We believe that an investment in parks and trails benefits us all by strengthening our community, supporting economic development, promoting health and wellness, and giving us a stronger sense of place.

Design Stanwood
PO Box 1771
Stanwood, WA  98292