Friends of Stanwood Parks and Trails


Replace Playground Equipment at Church Creek Park 


Friends of Stanwood Parks & Trails is a volunteer organization that advocates for our parks and trails through service, fundraising, and community outreach.   

Description of Services

FOSPAT works in partnership with the City of Stanwood to develop and maintain beautiful, functional, and well-utilized parks, trails and recreation spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of our community.

FOSPAT engages the community in the following ways:

Service: Participate in volunteer work parties to accomplish specific improvements or maintenance projects within Stanwood’s parks or the trail system. Noxious weed removal, pressure washing, bird boxes, trail development, etc.

Fundraising: Help raise money for materials, equipment or features to improve city parks and trails. Projects may include ballpark improvements, new play equipment, and trail building materials.

Community Outreach: Help communicate the progress being made to Ovenell and Hamilton Landing. Help host park tours, organize events in the parks, and share information through the FOSPAT Facebook page.

P.O. Box 1771
Stanwood, WA 98292