Making Life Work


Skill building toys for low income families.


A community based collective impact initiative dedicated to empowering families in poverty to become self-sufficient, and ensuring the children attain early educational success and sustain that success throughout their school years and beyond.

Description of Services

Making Life Work is a collaboration of 18 local organizations offering a range of resources to low income families. The program provides parents with the knowledge and skills that prepare their children for school, take charge of their own learning and, develop a life-long aspiration to learn. At the center of this collaborative program is an intergenerational mentoring model. Trained mentors, using the family-centered EMPath Mentoring Model, assist families in reflecting on their current situation, their strengths and areas for growth; they work with families to design pathways that lead to self-sufficiency. The mentoring program includes life-skills workshops that bring families together and connect them with each other and the community.

Making Life Work
7430 276th St NW
Stanwood WA 98292