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The Camano Schoolhouse Foundation’s Mission is to renovate and preserve the classic one-room 1906 Camano City Schoolhouse to exhibit Camano Island history and to provide a vibrant gathering place for educational and cultural activities for people of all ages.

Description of Services

In the 2016 Strategic Plan, the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation recently reaffirmed that providing educational activities and exhibiting Camano City and Camano Island history are the primary purposes of the restored 1905 Camano City Schoolhouse. Since we are in the early stages of implementing our plan, we do not have any firm statistics to judge the number of people who will benefit from attending our many classes.  We just began having classes in December 2015 and have started small, but we have had several classes this year. Being run by a volunteer board, we are currently limited in the number of classes offered.  Also, inhibiting our activities is the fact that we are currently in the process of refinishing the recently revealed fir flooring and slate blackboards. We estimate that we will have 500 people come through our various classes in 2017.

Program Outcome

Examples of the type of educational activities the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation has done in the past year are: John Osmundson, an anthropologist, who did his Master’s thesis on the history of Camano Island gave our first Camano Island history talk. Alice Blandin, the Gingerbread Lady, led a workshop on Gingerbread House Making. Richard Hanks, a noted Lincoln scholar, gave a talk, “Looking for Lincoln” to an enthusiastic crowd. Debbie Dimitre, a well-known storyteller, told the story of Eleanor Roosevelt for Women’s History Month. All these events were well attended and exceeded our estimates.

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