Camano Animal Shelter Association


Life-Saving Veterinary Care for Cats and Dogs


CASA’s mission is to find loving forever homes for all of our animals. We strive to provide quality care and service to the animals and people of our community while encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Description of Services

CASA accepts dogs, cats, and the occasional pocket pet brought to CASA as strays or surrendered by owners. We provide temporary care, boarding and redemption services for impounded/seized Camano Island dogs. Animals remain with us until they are adopted, with no limit on length of stay. We advocate spaying and neutering of pets, and make referrals to area spay/neuter services. We encourage owners to microchip their pets by offering free and low-cost microchipping clinics. We help people keep their pets by offering health, behavior and training information, as well as pet food and supplies. We assist other shelters by taking animals that have been at their shelter for a prolonged period of time, are facing euthanasia due to space, and/or could benefit from a change of environment. We work with rescue groups, transferring transfer animals to them when they need more specialized care or training.

Program Outcome

CASA saves lives through our commitment to provide “over and above” veterinary care.   

Sky, a young dog, came into CASA with a long-term, life-threatening uterine infection.  She was in critical condition for several days, and did not begin eating for several more days.  Finally, however, CASA staff were able to coax her into eating and drinking.  After weeks of loving care she healed, was adopted and is enjoying good health with her forever family. 

Harley, a 13 year old cat, came into the CASA shelter with several tumors, one of which weighed more than a pound.  Even though the tumors were benign, they were slowly growing, causing him great discomfort, and would eventually have been fatal.  CASA paid for surgery to remove the tumors and his follow-up care.  He is recovering in a foster home.  His playful and affectionate personality is evident now that he is feeling good again.

Camano Animal Shelter Association
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