Stillaguamish Grange #1058


Heating System Upgrade


The Grange's goal is to follow the directives of the National Grange by supporting agricultural endeavors and providing community service to all age groups.

Description of Services

The Stillaguamish Grange is a non-profit organization with agricultural roots and a strong emphasis on community service and family values. Historically, the Grange helped to get electricity and mail delivery to rural areas.  It also actively worked to help establish the FFA program. The Grange gave women the right to vote 50 years before congress did.

Locally, our Grange provides a scholarship each year to a graduating SHS senior. We also participate in the national “Words for Thirds” program which gives a dictionary to every third grader in the Stanwood School District.  We also have a hamburger booth at the Stanwood Camano Fair.  Upgrading the heating system will allow us to better serve the community groups that use our hall.

Stillaguamish Grange #1058
6521 Pioneer Hwy
Stanwood, WA  98292

(360) 629-4602