Hope for Homies


Van for Marginalized Youth to Attend Impactful Events


We bring hope and purpose to those marginalized by gang affiliation and its impact on communities

Description of Services

We provide groups centered around trauma informed care, social emotional regulation and life skills. We have our main group called Community Kinship where we practice our sacred circle--consisting of our group norms, validating emotions and goals for the week. We do check-ins with the youth as well as a group lesson centered around targeting the heart.

Hoods in the Woods is our outdoor program, which is very impactful and effective for teamwork, building resiliency, as well as mindfulness. As our youth live confined in their neighborhoods, it is so valuable for them to experience the energy of being out in nature and with their trusted peers and mentors. It is through climbing the mountain that they see hope in their healing journey.

We offer tattoo removal services, and we also have a food box program where we deliver to our youth and families in need.

It is through breaking barriers that hope and purpose are built as foundational for their ability to grow, trust and succeed. 

Contact Information

Hope for Homies - Second Chance Outreach
1511 Wall Street
Everett WA 98201

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1186
Stanwood WA 98292

(360) 429-9117