Sound Water Stewards of Island County


Events About Local Beaches and Marine Life


We are trained volunteers working locally for a healthy, sustainable marine environment through education, science and stewardship.


A healthy marine environment with diverse natural ecosystems and sustainable human communities.

Description of Services

Through education, we connect people with the marine environment, inspiring them to take care of what they know and love. Stewards deliver programs to children and adults via state parks, county parks, community centers, schools, libraries, and other organizations.

Through stewardship, we help marine species thrive. We plant native plants, help restore habitats, clean up beaches, remove invasive species, educate about pet waste, promote sustainable crabbing, and maintain interpretive signs.

Through 15 community science projects, we collect data for use by various agencies, universities, and tribes. Trained volunteers augment professional workforces, resulting in more data that can accelerate research while keeping costs down. 

Sound Water Steward of Island County
PO Box 1620
Freeland WA 98249

(206) 399-8401